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Now signed to Nettwerk Records, the Vancouver duo is poised to make the crucial breakthrough long predicted by the fawning Canadian music press and presaged by the ever-swelling ranks of its faithful fan base. Formed in 2006 and following four releases – Unpersons (2011), We Kill Computers (2010), Funeral Mixtape (2008), Tintype (2008) – The Pack is an act that’s earned its current “bubbling under” status the old-fashioned way: by showing up and showing the people the goods one city and one new fan at a time and then coming back, time and again, with even more to offer.


On August 27th, Nettwerk Records will release a most proper introduction to the band in the form of an EP titled Some Sssongs. The EP is a 5-song collection of tracks from previous albums (“Sirens,” “Haunt You,” “Positronic,” and “Deer”) and a new track (“Battering Ram”) from their upcoming 5th LP Do Not Engage, set for release early 2014.




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Skye Wallace



Skye Wallace is on a quest to compile stark elements of Canadian landscape and history into a contemporary musical archive. Often drawn from untold stories hidden in plain sight, Skye’s songs are dynamic, gritty, and orchestral, both the melodies and narratives sticking in your head long after listening.
Skye is currently residing, performing, and writing in Vancouver.
After having embarked on successful Canada-wide tours in 2011, 2013, and 2014, hitting the West Coast festival circuit, Canadian Music Week, and NXNE, Skye has just released her third full-length studio album. “Living Parts” is Skye’s highly-anticipated album about dead things — though the term “dead things” shouldn’t be taken at face value. In “Living Parts,” Skye exhumes and gives voice to the tiny fragments of hope, desire, and despair that echo in the wake of even the loneliest human lives.
Simultaneously visceral and ethereal, the tracks on “Living Parts” are a collection of strikingly personal portraits of characters at their most vulnerable, exposing the messy, fragile ‘parts’ that make them alive, or, in some cases, not quite alive. By turns reminiscent of the brooding, orchestral musical settings of Sigur Rós and The National, the quirkily evocative harmonics of Alt-J and Bon Iver, and a Canadiana take on the grunge-folk thrash of Neutral Milk Hotel, Against Me!, and The Weakerthans, Living Parts manages to constantly reference its roots while sounding like nothing you’ve heard before.
Backed by a full band and produced by Spencer Carson (Kyprios, Dead Soft, All My Friends), “Living Parts” was recorded over two weeks in remote Egmont, BC.




“Skye Wallace is a national treasure.”
Sad Mag


“Skye Wallace’s music was one of the great finds of Searchlight. She writes personal, honest and powerful songs that Emmylou Harris or Gord Downie would be happy to have in their set.”
Mike Miner, Senior Producer, CBC Music


“… Her enchanting voice is complimented by an array of instruments, some of which are highly unusual. Her music will make a worthy addition to any record collection.”
Vincent Jones – Music City Podcast \ CBC Radio West \ Welcome to Kelowna


“…hauntingly beautiful and eerie.”
One1One Magazine


“…The music seems to fill the entire room and entrance the audience.”
Vancouver Music Review


“A talented vocalist and instrumentalist with a hauntingly beautiful voice.”
Red On Black Music

Young Liars



Call it summertime synth. Vancouver band Young Liars have earned a loyal audience, forged by a reputation for explosive live shows, performing alongside Minus the Bear, CSS, and STRFKR and headlining showcases at Rifflandia festival and NXNE. Now, the band embarks on a new journey with their debut album, Tidal Wave, a sonic seachange that focuses their energy into a blissed-out sound powered by understated grooves and well- mannered rock.


Young Liars make music for the present, creating songs that stretch an instant into infinity, stoking kinetic motion among sweat-speckled audiences or carving introspective enclaves in your own headphone headspace. With a year in the studio behind them, their music has emerged as a strong sound, a unified effort from a band who stood on the precipice of their passions and plunged in. “TidalWave” is about that passion,” Raine says, “how it defines you and how it can destroy you, and how sometimes it is so worthwhile you can’t help but stick to it, no matter what it means.”




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